Everything in the universe has a unique vibration of its individual divine design. Plants, minerals, substances, sound,
colors and people all have an energetic thumbprint.

The Intuitive Resonance Report is a catalogue of frequencies that help to identify areas of weakness and vulnerability of the
human structure to include mental, physical and spiritual attributes.

  •  A specialized hologram that represents your energetic footprint is loaded into a intuitive program.   

  • A multitude of frequencies are then scanned into your specialized hologram and a prioritized list of deficiencies are identified in three areas: Mind, Body and Spirit wellness. 

  • With a combination of Lori’s highly intuitive shamanic skills, quantum technology and your input, a personalized analysis of the findings are discussed and a logical plan of support with proven remedies is determined. 

You will be able to determine what are the markers for disease

and your future health.


Some of the issues that can be uncovered are external effects of our ever deteriorating environment such as: pesticides, parasites, bacterias, infections, congestion, trauma, spiritual causes, karma, entities, emotions, spiritual guides, past lives and specific health concerns.

Your body will be scanned to see which supplements and alternative therapies

most resonate with your energetic field. 

For thirty days, through the human bio field we are able to untangle blockages and restore vibratory order to encourage healing. The system will also work with counter productive resonances. This is truly the new frontier for wellness and healing using the foundations of quantum physics coupled with intuitive medicine and bio field sciences.

There is excellent potential for balancing the human being by simply taking an alternative to a symptom based approach.  Starting with the underlying causes is a more successful approach to finding a diagnosis. 

 Our intuition, if we tap into it,  has always known that the secrets to healing lie in natural forces not synthetic solutions. The external effects of our ever deteriorating environmental stress is a major factor in disease, yet one of the most difficult to identify its effects.

If you are interested in this deep and profound analysis of your entire holographic structure through the cutting edge use of scaling, Lori has seen remarkable results in helping to determine deficiencies in your overall health and get you the right remedy to achieve wholeness.

Put to work beneficial frequencies that flow into your quantum field of energy for targeted healing.

This comprehensive analysis can bring powerful information to support you

towards a balanced and healthy life.

After your first session you can choose to have a follow up every thirty days to continue scanning and fine tuning your efforts.