What is the quantum field?

The answers began to to be revealed when I looked at the vast star studded sky with new eyes after my awakening.  I saw everything as a multitude of triangles all interconnected in what seemed to be an alive and galactic fairy land. This opened my heart to a greater understanding or shall I say lack of understanding of my existence. It then began my journey into the mystery of the field and an insatiable appetite for knowing. I knew that there was so much more than just being on planet earth. Why was I here and where would I go when I left here? I started to experience an unveiling the way that I had been seeing the world simplistically, full of material things.  I also experienced a major download of information from the Mayan who spent two years teaching me the ways of the field. Yes, it may seem creepy or strange that this happened to me but it changed my view of life and compels me to share what I learned with you. Many people wonder what happened to the Mayan peoples and I know the answer to this. They were planetary visitors who came to experience life here and who now are spirits dedicated to better the lives of those of us who would carve out our existence on this beautiful planet. From where they are now, they have massive intelligence that they are downloading into our consciousness about the truth of our existence.

In this article I will summarize what I learned and what you can ponder to get you to a cosmic discovery of what it means to be human.

The Mayans told me of a galactic beam that emerges from the center of the universe or the Hunab Ku (Source or God). This beam is called the Zuvuya, and is like a huge database of possibilities accessible by all of us if we can connect to it. To connect requires a couple of things, first, trusting that it exists and second, surrendering to not knowing everything about it.

It runs on a frequency set to a higher vibration than what most of us are tuned in to because we are tapped into the ordinary world and not the extraordinary world. The key to playing in the quantum field is to match our frequency to the frequency of the field. This requires getting out of our head and in to our heart energy, the place of creation. When you are able to leave the reality of the world that you have created behind and be in a place of existence and presence then you will begin to connect to this field and the magic starts to happen. It is the place of the mystic and the ability to heal yourself. Its pattern is found everywhere and is most noticeable in the spirals found in nature.

There are several hints that you may be tapping into the Zuvuya. Have you ever had an experience of deja vu? You are walking into a house or building and all of the sudden you feel like you have been there before? This experience means that there are other realities where you are able to access a memory of it and that some aspect of you is able to venture out to these realities, just like when you dream. In these other realities magic can occur without limitation, rivers can be full of chocolate and you can meet people you do not know and it all feels very real. Another sign is premonition. An example is when a scene flashes in your mind of an accident or a tragic event and you can even feel it in your body that something wrong. Moments later, you then get a phone call that someone was in an accident or hurt. Finally there is synchronicity like when you think of a friend and she or he calls you seconds later. Most people poo poo all of these things yet the truth is these experiences validate the existence of the field.

The Mayans saw it as a language that you could access for universal knowledge.  Like a circuit of memories where the past and the future is a loop similar to a figure 8 and you are simply at the crossroads of its intersection. The past and future are a continual flow of memories. If we can learn to be present at that connection we can access the field. The problem in accessing it are the voices in our head that keep us from hearing our intuition or higher self which resides on the field. So you might ask, where is this field? The answer is that it depends on vibration and which dimension you may access but the fourth is the most accessible to us. So, to travel in the Zuvuya we must use our light bodies to reach these other places. The lighter we are the greater the chance of connecting and when the synchronicity becomes more frequent.

Now, we are kind of out of  sync because the Mayans had the perfect calendar. It was 260 days, each day with a different tone. It was also about numbers, but more on that in another article.  This is a big reason we are so disconnected from alternative realities as we exist on the wrong frequency. It is necessary then to recalibrate ourselves by harmonizing the chakras though sound and then connect to the original cosmic harmony. Music, light, color and sound all carry the octaves of the higher dimensions. Our planet is also supporting an upgrade as holograms of this frequency are embedded into the center of the earth which helps to spread an intelligent grid from the crystal core. By tuning in to mother earth we can also access the field. This is the frequency of harmony with all things and a kind of earthly calling card to peace.

The beam enters earth through the polar axis and when the energy hits the center -wham! out it goes into a the heart of the earth which is the crystal kingdom. This is why we collect crystals like crazy. Crystals are the earths medicine and we have been collecting them because we are off center and the crystals desire for balance bring them to you. You also attract them because when the body is sick they are the medicine to make us well. Since they vibrate at such a high rate of speed they cool down our wave form. They bring messages, gather messages and hold messages and all of these messages have to do with putting us back in harmony with ourselves.  They are like nodes of intelligence or neurons. Each one is special and holds the holographic formula of Earth. Mother earth is a crystal planet and alive with crystal energy.  By placing our highest intentions into them we can be in tune with our planet and vice versa.

The key to tapping into the Zuvuya is to have a clean wave form. We often walk through life so attached to things, what others are doing, what we are doing, what we should, would or could have been doing and what we have to do. We are addicted to doing. When we start to realize that we are way more capable in a state of being we can leave the confines of a third dimensional reality and move into the fourth. We have to become our own Guru. Here are five ways to find the sweet spot for connecting to the Zuvuya. It is clean up time on our planet and time to get your electro magnetic brooms ready to sweep away all of the malfunctioning of your wave.

  These will get you in the zone, synchronize your hologram and begin to channel the beam.


1.) Take all of your attention off of the material world and arrive at a place where nothing matters, and if it does, ask yourself why and begin to unwind your reliance on the outside world. Where you place your attention is where your energy goes so make it worthwhile and properly invested.

2.) Disintegrate your personality, your personality is nothing more than the accumulation of survival techniques in order to manipulate life. It is the default image of who you are. It defines you. To enter the Zuvuya you cannot be defined. You are just you and your free will, ready for a new design based on the energy of the soul which has an even greater potential.

3.) The brain must process a new design. It must realize that the outside world is no longer a dictator and it can finally take a break. It will probably fight you trying to convince you of a short cut and that nothing will happen just “being”.  An emotional management system is key and vital for awareness since our thoughts are creating our future.

4.) If you are going to play in the Zuvuya you can’t be afraid of the dark. You will also need to begin to realize that you are limitless because the field is limitless. Again, always on the same frequency. Going back to old behaviors will keep you in the past.

5.) Lastly, you need to be able to attune to this field, this mean discipline. It takes time to stop pushing and forcing outcomes. Many of us are control freaks and will manipulate the process but when we start to create from the field there will be small changes that lead to big vibrational match ups with the field.

Lastly, it is time to polish your integrity with yourself. You need to like YOU. To like who we are means acceptance of all of who we are. Not doing so destroys our power. We gotta own it otherwise we walk around projecting our powerlessness, “it is our parents fault”, “it was because I was an addict”, “it was because of my beliefs”, “it is because of my circumstances”, “it is because the world is a mess”. These are all power depleting statements that turn our power over to an outside authority and avoid truth. The Zuvuya only operates on truth.

Many people ask me, how long does it take? It starts immediately when you get out the detergent and start cleaning yourself up. Bathe yourself in meditation and the potential that it brings and start repairing your short circuits and slowly begin to navigate the Zuvuya.


If you would like to know more about the Zuvuya, I suggest this great book: Surfers of the Zuvuya by Jose Arquelles