About Lori Morrison

Lori has had a lifetime of entrepreneurial pursuits. She was the founder and creator of several highly successful businesses that took her from the the board rooms of of Wall Street to the world’s premium wineries. Later pursuits included hospitality and sustainable tourism development and founder of a foundation dedicated social and environmental causes in Central America. Living most of her life in El Salvador she acquired a deep passion for the Mayan culture and the Mayan descendants that live there. On the night before her 52nd birthday, at her home on Lake Ilopango, she experienced a life changing event when a major spiritual event orchestrated by ancient Mayan spirits occurred and shifted her awareness out of the third dimensional world that we all live in. For two years she was “stuck” in an inter-dimensional existence where her perceptions of the human body and life experience gave her a unconventional view of illness and physical and mental dysfunction. She received an instant knowing of plant medicine and ancient shamanic practices and was initiated by spirits for two years to learn the old ways of healing. Later, she was   downloaded the steps to combine these concepts with the theories of quantum physics and the use of scalar energy. Now, through the use of cutting-edge technology, sacred science, and shamanic healing practices she is able to go beyond the symptoms and see the underlying causes of illness, provide successful remedies and bring the awareness needed to resolve chronic conditions and overcome stubborn barriers to health. After her own spiritual awakening she is especially gifted in helping others reach higher levels of conciousness and understanding. Her positive outlook, emotional generosity and contagious sense of humor adds a special component to her style making it a fun and enlightening experience in learning to see your life from an unconventional and unique perspective that will have you living and thriving in the magic of possibility.