Sometimes with our everyday grind it is hard to hold on to the perception that we are connected to a vast universe. This universe is our home and place of creation before coming to earth. Here is where our source/creator/God resides, is the heartbeat of our existence and divine consciousness. Many have lost their connection with source which can lead to an unbalanced life and purpose. We struggle to “get it together” not knowing that the real culprit our internal GPS is malfunctioning making it hard to see the next steps. We can feel stuck and weary, ready to give up, these are signs that you need to reconnect to source.

So how do you do that?

1.) Start a meditation practice NOW. Getting quiet is the best way to find SOURCE. You may be surprised to find that THE SOURCE  is alive and well and inside of you. From there you can realize that everything around you is SOURCE and that you are infinitely connected to this divine source. This full realization will put you back in alignment.

2.) You can work with crystals through your meditations to connect to source.  The mineral world carries the magic frequencies to reset your personal energy field and remind your physical body of its connection to this powerful source.

These are the two crystals that are especially helpful in getting you back to source:

Topaz: Topaz comes in many colors; brown, green, blue, pink, purple, red and colorless. Its structure is like a four sided crystal and it is all about balance. It is the perfect stone for aligning body, mind and spirit. This alignment is necessary to connect to source and the higher aspects of you. Topaz is also helpful to see past the limitations of our mind, and in doing so we can start to align with our true self, the one that knows and remembers our connection to SOURCE. Topaz is great for building proper boundaries and getting us to the word NO! It helps to keep us focused on self care and is a reminder that we are our own first priority. When you want to change your life, topaz is the strength to create a new reality as it is a powerful tool for opening the doors to manifesting your heart desires. It can move you to action to create change by powering up your intentions in the ultimate field of possibility.

Here is a great selection of Topaz at Healing Crystals my favorite online store.

Pietersite: This stone is a swirling of colors, reminiscent of a storm. Golds, browns, grays, blues and pinks are all blended into this multicolored specimen that comes from Namibia. With its stormy nature, it can be a hurricane force of energy to sweep out stagnant energies and bring positive flow back to the ethereal body. It is grounding and clearing at the same time. These qualities give this stone the power to purge through lower energies leaving you with a greater sense of power. Through its whirlwind force it will bring the truth to the surface which will help you to gain insight about yourself and your life purpose. This powerful stone helps you to wipe out obstacles and begin to awaken your spiritual gifts. It is the stone of change and transformation when you are ready to get out of a rut. Its most powerful attribute is the ability to wipe out all the programming from the voices of “authority” that you have had in your ear, molding and scolding. The most important element to remove in order to connect to source are your fears and Pietersite addresses fear head on, helping us to realize that we are more powerful than we think. You can find some high vibrational Pietersite at my favorite online store here at Healing Crystals. 

The other key to alignment with the divine, is the ability to remove all beliefs, fears and the perception of obstacles due to the conditioning of the human experience. The more cleared out, the more opportunity we have to become a vessel for receiving the highest vibration from SOURCE.  Only with this connection can we begin to manifest and create the life that we dream of.

Practice: After you have acquired these two crystals, lay down with your head propped up and place the Pietersite on your solar plexus, a grounding stone such as hematite or obsidian at your feet and the topaz on your heart. State your intention to clear and align your energy field. Start the tree of life meditation CD and follow the guided instructions by first anchoring into mother earth through your grounding stone. On each one of your chakras focus on the removal of all the thoughts, beliefs, commentary, obstacles that you have stored in your field. As the music vibrates into each chakra, imagine them spinning counter clockwise removing everything that does not serve you.  When you have reached the top or crown chakra, picture white light flowing into your body and spinning the chakras now in a clock wise position until finished, arriving back at your grounding stone. Get up and go about your day, connected to source!!

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