Award-Winning Author

LORI, The Disintegration Of My Ordinary Reality is a narrative non-fiction memoir that describes my spiritual awakening after the death of my husband, my struggles with others’ perceptions of my sanity, and my ongoing work to embrace my role as someone with one foot in everyday reality and the other in the spirit world. Through my experiences, many now have a broader understanding of what western medicine has come to label “crazy” which has generated a greater sense of our place in a multi-dimensional world.
At the heart of my story are a series of events that unfold at my home on a remote peninsula inside a volcanic lake in El Salvador, where, after my husband Tino’s death, I experience a barrage of psychic phenomenon including “coincidental” rainbows, indigenous drumming, snakes, and spontaneous rain clouds. These events crescendo to a night when, after a lightning storm, I am hit by a light beam. After three hours lying alone in a non-conscious state, I awaken to find that my perceptions of the three-dimensional world I lived in are no longer my reality. In a subsequent experience, another light enters me and sends me into what would become the first of seven out-of-body experiences that would eventually drive me to the edge of insanity.

With the sudden dissolution of the veil between the human and spiritual world, I am able to see, hear, and feel spirits from multiple dimensions. Oddly, I also receive knowledge of ancient shamanic practices and of what I believe to be the Mayan language. Doing my best to live an ordinary life after an extraordinary experience, I face extreme challenges as I am dramatically affected by electronics, vibrations, and a chorus of Mayan ancestral voices that begin to communicate with me. Having been a left-brained entrepreneur most of my life, I have no template for understanding these experiences. In line with the well-documented prophecies of the Mayans, the voices speak of a new age when there will be a return to the heart and a kinder, gentler society will emerge. They go on to share that many are hearing the call to this shift and emerging to spread the wisdom of this cycle and that somehow I am a part of this awaited time. Dumbfounded by the information, I realize that in order to fulfill my role in this cosmic connection I must take the first steps on a six-year spiritual journey which ends on the edge of the lake on the morning of December 21, 2012.